Sunday, June 5, 2016

Update 2016

From Momma Bean-TomToms and Minnie crossed over the rainbow bridge in 2015. It's been difficult. We miss them both horribly.  Especially Dexter. He isn't as carefree and playful as he once was. He has pepped up this past week since Ruby walked into our lives. As it always had been new furbabies find us and we love them. 3 years ago Ponyo showed up and didn't leave and now Ruby the kitten. Hope all of our cat blogging friends are doing well!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thinkin Thursday

Here is a great pickture of me thinkin!


I know it has been a long while.. mama bean had some health problems for a few months but is much better now and we will be back posting. Since we last posted anofur kitty joined our family. His name is George. One day he just showed up and started purmewing and rolling around acting all cute and of course mombean tried to resist i'm sure of it but turns out George just chose us cause he stayed.
Can't wait to catch up with all our furiends :)
Tomtoms, Dexter , MInnie and George

Monday, October 8, 2007


I decided to let the little brat sleep with me and mommy caught be being nice to him ..

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Friday!

Shhh, mama is still sleeping, I snuck on here to say HI! And wish efurryone a happy FRIDAY! Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen ways I get attenshun!
by Dexter

1. I mew really sweetly and sometimes I squeek a bit. That really gets me some attenshun!

2. I make curcles around Mommy's legs and push my head into her ankels , that gets me attenshun for sure!

3. I jump up on the bed and put the bitey on Daddy's nose, that gets attenshun quickly and loudly!

4. I chase Minnie around the house like speedracer trying to play with her long tail. She hisses at me sometimes when I do that but that counts as attenshun i think.

5. I lay right on top of my Mommy's homework so she can pet me instead of doing "I hate math!" I like that kinda attenshun!

6. I jump up onto the counter in the kitchen when Daddy is making dinner.. that gets attenshun fast! Thats usually followed by "Not for kitty!" but hey , thats attenshun!

7. I tackle Tomtoms when he is quietly napping in his sunny spot by the back sliding door. You should SEE how much attenshun I get from him after I do that! Its AMAZING!

8. I steal Mommy's straw from her cup and sometimes knock over her tea.. she says "Dexter!!!" then jumps up really fast.

9.WHen Mommy is taking clean clothes out of the dryer , I help her by guiding them into the basket with my paws and protect her from the sock monsters! SHe gives me headscritches for that!

10.Sometimes when I'm not even trying , I'm napping and roll over on my back to do a Q she will rub my tummy .. ouu i love that attenshun!

11. I got a my paws on a box of tissues once and spread them all over the living room floor to play with and boy that got some attenshun!

12. One of the kids left their pankake plate on the table and i got up and sat on it, i got all sticky and sweet. I got lots of attenshun then! Some not so good cause then I had to have a bath blech.

13.And the last thing I do for attenshun, I smile ! Mommy loves to see my mewing smile face.